Bison is directed towards the adult man who has a degree of preference for branded products, a man who also knows the value of good quality - That quality and price match.

The collection contains NOS (Never out of stock) key items in all product categories, such as a basic V-neck knit, classic cotton trousers, 5-pocket jeans, polo t-shirts, etc.
These basic styles are fundamental elements of the collection, with focus on the little details.

These products are the key to achieve high performance in retail stores.

With Bison we seek to cover the core articles, which previously were covered by 'product specialists'. The collection signals an adult casual expression, with a touch of functionality and sports.
This can be achieved through coats, with added functionality in custom-developed membranes and other materials that withstands wind, weather and sports.

The colours are a combination of classic shades, combined with fresh-lasting colours. The fit is comfortable, spacious and is directed at the adult male. The 6 yearly collections cover all commodity groups.

Se current collection:



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