For the European man!

Quality clothing in a relaxed, Scandinavian, pure and simple, classical look. Inspired by the great cities in Europe. Lindbergh is clothing for all occasions.

Lindbergh targeting both the general customer, but also the fashion conscious consumer-type – both in terms of color, design and form.

The Lindbergh collection is mainly produced in natural fibres such as wool, linen and cotton but also made in mixed fabrics in which there is used primarily natural fibres.

The graphics are simple, minimalistic and with discrete prints.

All labelling signals quality and simplicity.

In short – a quality brand displaying secure good taste compared to the trends of the time, without going mainstream!

Target Group
Men who are aspiring to a cool and rugged lifestyle, and who are interested in acquiring a wardrobe based on problem solving, finding something cool that fits into their adventurous lives.

Primarily natural quality fabrics (cotton, wool, linen)

Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Germany, Austria, Ireland, England and Russia

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