Denim wear by Shine Original

We are dedicated to jeans! A passion built on the fact, that you will not find another garment, that ages relatively as beautiful as denim. From each time you wear your Shine Original jeans, they will continue to gain the patina, history and character you imbue them with. This is the simple philosophy that embraces our brand vision; we want to provide our friends with the coolest jeans, ever made!

For us, each pair of jeans, is something unique. We put an honor in selecting the right fabrics and getting the perfect outlook in wash and color, obtained by unique production technology and persistent progression in design and fit. We call it "blue blood mentality".

Our jeans carries a signature feature, which is the Star on the right back pocket, symbolizing our seal of guarantee.

The Denim collection is more than jeans, essentially it counts all garment groups including a broad range of accessories. The six annual collections embraces the denim heritage and refined craftsmanship. We strive to offer a cool denim concept, where there is space for individuality and rugged attitude.

Some of the most important sources to inspiration for the Denim wear collection evolves from the rock'n'roll and surf culture, where anything that might hold a key to freedom, playfulness, rebelliousness and authenticity are sampled together; based on the phrase "do what you love and wear what you feel like". The rough graphic tee's in the collection are signified by this sources of inspiration.

What defines us as a brand is passion and commitment never to compromise on quality; Shine Original is manufactured to meet high standards and we seek true value in every aspect. It is our ambition to find a solid balance between design, quality and affordable price. – This is our trademark.


Fashion wear by Shine Original

Shine Original is an authentic brand, with Danish roots, priding the importance of dedication and innovation. With the Fashion wear collection, we target the fashion forward consumer and we aim to recognize the trends of the time and propel them forward with passion for details. – Because the secret lies in the details. We always strive to be ahead of the curve in terms of conception, design and production, - delivering cool and contemporary clothes to our friends.

The Fashion wear collection is characterized by selected product and compared with the Denim wear collection, it is more limited. The most dominating garments groups of the Fashion wear collection are outerwear, t-shirts, sweatshirts and non-denim pants. The silhouettes are modern fitted and the details carefully determined.

The main sources of inspiration evolves from the firstmover on the street, - the dedicated and cool urban guy, who is true to his refined style and principles. We visit the hippest places in the world, to find the most important sources of creative energy. The places where people are crafting, collaging, designing and inspiring. This is from where the movement emerges and unified with refined Danish design skills, Shine Original set the standards of its Fashion wear collection and that is why we state; 'refined and cool' as our most important brand values.

Target Group
Age 15 - 40

Cotton, denim

Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Germany, Austria, Ireland, England and Russia





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